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Causes of Hair Loss

What Causes Female Hair Loss?

There is another major cause of hair loss that you should know about, as well: menopause. To read more about menopause and its effect on hair health, including how it contributes to women’s hair loss, click here.

Cause: DHT

DHT is a hormone that your body produces naturally. It’s a derivative of testosterone, and it’s also the primary cause of male and female pattern hair loss. How does DHT affect what causes female hair loss? This destructive hormone is attracted to hair that is genetically predisposed to these conditions. Simply put, DHT ultimately suffocates the hair follicle, causing hair to grow thinner and thinner. Eventually, the hair follicle shuts down entirely, and the hair will stop growing.

Solution: DHT Blockers

The formula behind Hair Renew utilizes Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root extracts in order to combat women’s hair loss. These ingredients prevent testosterone from converting into DHT. As DHT blockers, they also inhibit the hormone’s ability to bind to cellular receptors, meaning the DHT that is produced is less likely to attack hair follicles. Once your DHT levels have decreased, your hair loss cycle should be interrupted, leading to hair that is healthy and able to return to its normal growth pattern.

Cause: Detrimental Scalp Residue

One of the most common misconceptions about women’s hair loss is that it’s irreversible. Fortunately, many causes of women’s hair loss are reversible, as discussed previously. One of the most reversible causes for clogged hair follicles is Detrimental Scalp Residue (DSR). Examples of DSR include dead skin cells, solidified scalp oil (sebum), and hair care product residue. All of these damaging substances combine to clog hair follicles, allowing bacteria to thrive on these deposits and compromise your scalp health and hair growth ability in the process. Regular shampoos don’t have the right ingredients to break these deposits down, so they just keep accumulating, causing worsening levels of hair loss.

Solution: Follicle Cleansing

Cleansing your hair follicles is one way you can help to combat DSR. To this end, we’ve chosen follicle cleansing agents that exfoliate and cleanse while containing antiseptic properties, as well. The ingredients we’ve chosen help remove dead skin cells, scalp oil, hair product residue, and other forms of DSR that clog follicles while remaining gentle to your body and free of harsh chemicals that cause irritation.

Cause: Nutrient Deficient Shafts

Nutrient Deficient Follicles (NDF) is another condition that is often the cause of hair loss in women. Fortunately, like the others we’ve discussed, it’s reversible with the proper care. If your hair follicles are affected by NDF, they will become weak, brittle, and will damage easily. Follicles affected by NDF can’t produce hair that is capable of reaching its full potential, both in length and in thickness. This is mainly due to the fact that these follicles can’t produce keratin, a substance that is crucial for developing healthy, beautiful hair. If you treat NDF with the proper ingredients, namely herbal nutrients, you can reverse this condition. Hair Renew contains herbal ingredients that specifically combat NDF, helping you achieve long, beautiful, healthy hair once more.

Solution: Follicle Nutrition

Successfully treating women’s hair loss starts with follicle nutrition. Not only will our bio-extracts prevent NDF, but they reverse the damage that NDF has already caused. We’ve created our herbal hair loss treatment with ingredients that specifically target your scalp, hair follicles, and the hair itself. By using Hair Renew, you can benefit from high-quality, natural ingredients, along with critical nutrients such as vitamins A, C, and E; a wide range of minerals including silicon and iodine; and amino acids that target your hair follicles. All of these ingredients combine to deliver the building blocks necessary for proper hair growth, restoring your hair to its original vitality.