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women experience hair loss

Hair loss is difficult, no matter who you are. But for women, hair loss can be as much of an emotional strain as it is a physical challenge. Beauty, self-worth, and confidence are very often tied to having shiny, full-bodied hair. Losing that can feel like a loss of beauty and youth, causing many women who experience hair loss to lose confidence and experience depression and anxiety along with it. Why does hair loss happen to women? And what can you do to prevent, treat, and even reverse it?

Hormonal Reasons for Women Experiencing Hair Loss

Women experience hair loss for a variety of reasons, but many of them have to do with a hormone called dihydrotestosterone, more commonly referred to as DHT. In men and women alike, DHT can lead to androgenetic alopecia, or, as you may have heard it called, male- or female-pattern baldness. It can lead to other types of hair loss, as well.

DHT is a derivative of testosterone, a male hormone, and occurs when the enzyme 5-alpha reductase converts testosterone to DHT. In men, this makes perfect sense given they typically have higher levels of testosterone. But why would this happen in women?

Women have testosterone, too, albeit in smaller doses. However, even if your testosterone levels fall within normal range for females, very small amounts can still convert to enough DHT to be damaging.

DHT goes after the hair follicles, damaging and sometimes destroying them. When this happens, the hair strand associated with the damaged follicle falls out. When this happens to enough follicles, you end up with varying degrees of hair loss in women.

Chemicals and Clogging Substances

Another common reason for hair loss in women is the content of the various hair products they might choose to use. If you’re routinely using shampoos, conditioners, serums, and other types of hair products that are found in most drug stores and contain harsh chemicals, you’re likely doing more harm than good.

Most products that are available on the shelves of major retailers are full of harsh chemical substances, ingredients that leave residue and gunk behind, and other elements that strip your scalp and hair of natural oils. When you use these products on a regular basis, that residue builds up, as does the damage from the harsh chemicals they so often contain.
One of the biggest myths in all of beauty is that if a soap or cleaning product doesn’t lather, it’s not cleaning anything. In fact, lather is often created by an unnecessary chemical that is added purely for the effect of making you think the product is cleaning well. In essence, it’s a marketing gag. Lather is not required at all for your hair to get clean, and a lot of the chemicals responsible for those sensational suds are damaging your hair follicles in the process.

What’s more, conditioners and shampoos that claim to condition and protect your hair are often full of cheap, synthetic ingredients that only serve to leave residue and gunk behind, clogging your follicles. If your hair follicles get clogged up enough, all of that residue can actually kill the hair follicle, thus resulting in hair loss.

Your Scalp Needs Nutrients, Too

Beyond the chemicals that strip your hair and clog your pores and the hormones that wage war against your follicles, you could also be combating a lack of nutrients. Most women know that nutrition is critical for their bodies, but what about your scalp?

As it turns out, it’s important to make sure your scalp has proper nutrition, as well. Choosing natural products that have ingredients which provide the essential vitamins, nutrients, and strengthening properties your hair and scalp need is the best way to ensure you’re getting all of these essential ingredients. Of course, ensuring you’re eating well is important, too, because beauty begins on the inside.

How to Combat Hair Loss in Women

One of the best ways you can fight hair loss if you’re a woman is to focus on your nutrition and lifestyle. After all, what you put in is what you get out. Crash dieting, for instance, can actually lead to hair loss because it often requires you to eliminate entire food groups from your diet. This can remove essential elements from your nutrition, which can lead to poor nutrition and circulation in your scalp. You can read more about how dieting can contribute to hair loss here.

Another simple way to combat hair loss is to choose better hair products. Instead of going for off-the-shelf, mainstream products that only leech essential nutrients from your hair and clog your follicles, go for a natural product, like Hair Renew. Our ingredients are all-natural, and they’re carefully selected to combat many of the issues that so often lead to hair loss in women. You can learn more about Hair Renew on our site, or you can shop our natural hair loss products for women.

Finally, be sure to use best practices when washing and conditioning your hair. Sometimes, a simple shift in how you conduct basic hair care tasks can truly make a difference. By avoiding the damage you can cause your hair through improper or harmful practices, in addition to upgrading your hair care products and focusing on proper nutrition, you can go a long way to preventing and even treating hair loss.