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Hair Renew Volumizing Conditioner


1 bottle – 2 month supply
2 bottles – 4 month supply – 15% discount
3 bottles – 6 month supply – 25% discount

Untangles, increases volume and seals in moisture for all hair types.



Blueberry, Raspberry, and Cranberry botanical extracts reduce heavy oils on the hair to provide a weightless feel, increased volume, shine and manageability all without depositing any build up.


  1. Customer

    You guys are amazing! I’ve only used your conditioner a few times, but I can see a HUGE difference already.

  2. Customer

    I began using Hair Renew Conditioner when my husband went on an extended business trip. He came home and was amazed. I have the nicest looking hair thanks to you!!

  3. Customer

    My long hair finally feels great and looks even better.

  4. Customer

    I noticed an instant change in how my hair felt after trying the conditioner. Your conditioner does what it says!

  5. Customer

    Your conditioner smells so good and makes my hair so manageable. Thank you so much!

  6. Customer

    The conditioner and shampoo have been what I’ve been searching for! I thought it was just going to feel thicker. Instead, I actually grew thick hair where it had begun to thin.

  7. Customer

    Without question, Hair Renew Conditioner is the best conditioner I’ve ever used. Sadly, my hair breaks quite easily. That is why I am so happy I discovered you. It leaves my hair soft and smooth so it doesn’t break. Couldn’t be more excited!

  8. Customer

    I have been using the conditioner and it’s made such a difference. My hair is super fine with no body. Years of intense styling has made it lifeless, but this conditioner makes it manageably soft. Before I started using it, I couldn’t even get a brush through my hair without breaking strands. That has all changed. I plan on using Hair Renew Conditioner forever.

  9. Customer

    Since using your shampoo and conditioner the last few months ago, my hair has noticeably more volume. I love how they make my hair feel like it did when I was younger.

  10. Customer

    I started losing more hair during the pandemic than I normally would. But I started using Hair Renew about 2 months ago and have noticed MUCH less hair loss.

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