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Hair Loss Treatment


1 bottle – 2 month supply
2 bottles – 4 month supply – 15% discount
3 bottles – 6 month supply – 25% discount

Contains more than a dozen herbal ingredients which gently exfoliate dead skin cells, scalp oil, and promote hair growth.



Hair Renew nourishes hair follicles with a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids – all of which provide the necessary building blocks for proper growth.

The main strength of Hair Renew Regrowth Treatment is its ability to help neutralize the hair follicle damaging effects of DHT. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is an endogenous androgen steroid and hormone produced by the body, and while necessary, the bi-product of that process is the constriction of the hair follicle. After numerous cycles of hair growth and follicle constriction, especially for those with predetermining genetics, the hair follicle ultimately dies. Thankfully, once the DHT level in follicles is decreased, the scalp can begin producing strong, healthy strands of hair once again – as long as treatment begins before shiny scar tissue has formed over the follicle.

Hair Renew jumpstarts regrowth with ingredients that are 100% drug-free, alcohol-free, and side effect free.


  1. Customer

    It is safe for color treated hair as I also color my hair. It is also sulfate and paraben free. I love the product!!

  2. Customer

    My hair loss stopped! Don’t hesitate to use Hair Renew!

  3. Customer

    I love the Hair Renew line and have given it as gifts I think so much of it. Give it a full 90 days, by then your head should be covered with new hairs, and areas filling in.

  4. Customer

    I love it, I love the way it makes my hair feel healthier, I love it and I will buy some more of it, I highly recommend it.

  5. Customer

    I have been using this product for about 6 months and I have seen a tremendous improvement in my hair growth. It is a good product. I am over 70 years old.

  6. Customer

    This product has helped my hair get stronger. I can feel the difference in my hair. I have been using this product since last year. It is a good natural product to use along with your hair vitamins.

  7. Customer

    Hair growth in thinning areas

  8. Customer

    Noticed improvement right away.

  9. Customer

    This product is AWESOME!!! I have new hair growing in places that were thinning. My hair is thicker, silkier & shinier!! Love the products!!

  10. Customer

    I have repeatedly used Hair Renew for probably a year. The thinning area on the top of my head is gone. Took a little while to see results, but then, boom, even my co-workers asked what I was using. No more needs to be said. Except that I can afford it.

  11. Customer

    I really like this and I can see as well as others have noticed that my hair looks fuller and I can feel it!! So very happy I tried this product.

  12. Customer

    I have been struggling for a few years with hair loss. My hair on top is thinning and receding. I have tried everything on the market that “guarantees” hair regrowth. Few things worked, but this was one of the few products that did. The leave in spray works like Rogaine, basically, but safer and no adverse effects. I am really loving this product and my hairline is coming back, I see new hair growth where it once receded, and I see my hair visibly thickening.

  13. Customer

    This product is a lot cheaper than other products on the market I tried and got little to no results with, so really, give this a try, this is my honest review.

  14. Customer

    Rogain gave me a rash. The natural ingredients in Hair Renew grew back my thinning spot. I still use it to this day and recommend it to everyone who is experiencing hair loss.

  15. Customer

    Hair Renew did wonders for my thinning crown. I was so thrilled with the results I sought out the manufacturer to become a distributor!

  16. Customer

    I have been using Hair Renew Treatment for a month and the results are amazing. The hair loss is gone, the hair seems to be thicker and much stronger compared to what it was before using Hair Renew. I can see hair growth in some areas. All these changes in a matter of a month, so I expect even more improvements in the next months. On top of that, Hair Renew is the cheapest hair loss solution out there. I’ve already recommended it to my friends, it’s invaluable in treating hair loss and I will keep using it. Highly recommended.

  17. Customer

    I have ordered 3 treatments plus 1 shampoo package for the first time. It has been only month and half since I have started daily regimen of the Hair Renew treatment, and I am already seeing results especially around the hairline.

  18. Customer

    It works!

  19. Customer

    I have moderate regrowth. Anybody can afford this treatment. You have to keep at it to get results.

  20. Customer

    My hair has lessened. I love this product non greasy smells good too.

  21. Customer

    Does what it says, made my hair stronger.

  22. Customer

    Can’t see my scalp anymore! Love this product.

  23. Customer

    I have been using this product for over a year my hair was falling out by the hand full since using this it has grown at least 12 in never in my life have I had my hair this long love it.

  24. Customer

    This is the 4th bottle or so that I have purchased. Seems to work.

  25. Customer

    This product WORKS!! It stopped my hair fall-out!

  26. Customer

    I lost hair after two surgeries. This is my 2nd purchase, and I am definitely seeing quite a lot of new hair growth.

  27. Customer

    I have fine/thin hair. I have been using this product for approximately one week and a half my hair is starting to look and feel thicker/denser. This stuff will transform your hair. I will continue to purchase because I can only image what this is going to do for my hair down the road.

  28. Customer

    Started seeing results in one week.

  29. Customer

    It stopped her hair from shedding! Couldn’t recommend it more highly!

  30. Customer

    It is an awesome product.

  31. Customer

    Love the products & will continue to use!!

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