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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality and effectiveness of our product that we offer a 6-month money back guarantee. If you do not receive any results (i.e., reduction in hair loss, hair regrowth) after using Hair Renew's 3 bottle supply for 6 months, you will have your money refunded if you return all 3 empty bottles within 7 months of the purchase date, minus a $10 handling fee.

No Questions Asked!

We are able to offer this guarantee because within 6 months you will start to see the beginning of new hair growth as well as reduced hair loss. Our guarantee only covers 6-month Treatment orders. Our money back guarantee is not available for 2-month treatment orders because 2 months is not enough time to see noticeable results. Our money back guarantee is only for the treatment, not the shampoo or conditioner.

No other hair growth product gives such a generous guarantee.

How our guarantee works:

Order a 6-month supply of Hair Renew Treatment.

Return the 3 used bottles within 7 months of the purchase date.

Your money will then be refunded minus a $10 handling charge.
No questions asked.

Here is an actual email from a customer who returned the product after using it for 6 months:

Dear Hair Renew: I am writing to let you know that you have one heck of a guarantee. I had ordered your product like I had with so many others, but unlike other sellers, you honored your guarantee. Thank you for being an honest merchant. I am willing to recommend Hair Renew to anyone to try your product because it may help them before it is too late. Sincerely, Loretta James