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Hair Tips & Tricks

Hair Care Tips & Tricks

Talk To Your Stylist & Take A Good Multivitamin

One of our main hair care tips & tricks is your hair cut. Your hair cut is the foundation of your hair’s appearance.  A professional stylist can structure your hair into a shape that will emphasize your hair’s strengths–texture, line, color, and shine.

Make sure your multivitamin has iron, biotin, vitamin B6, selenium, and zinc. This is especially important if you tend to work late or skip meals.

Image of a woman who is following proper hair care tips and tricks to achieve fuller natural hair.

Buy Shampoo That Won't Contribute to Hair Loss

Another of our hair care tips and tricks is to pay attention to what’s inside the productyou use. Ingredients in some conventional shampoos can over-dry or over-moisturize the scalp and also coat it with chemical deposits that can clog hair follicles.  Your shampoo should be mild and botanical in origin. For this reason, we suggest trying our new all natural Therapeutic Shampoo.  Our Therapeutic Shampoo can increase the effectiveness of Hair Renew Topical Treatment. Drugstore shampoos, that typically contain sulfates, can also exacerbate hair loss. Our Therapeutic Shampoo cleans your hair and scalp the natural way: with pure herbal extracts and our Therapeutic Shampoo will not clog your follicles with gelatin based thickeners. Instead, essential oils and phyto-revitalizers will dramatically increase hair retention and manageability for all types of hair.

Shampooing hair care tips and tricks from Herbal Essentials

How To Properly Shampoo Your Hair

Start with a small amount of shampoo, and always rub the product in the palms of your hands before massaging it into your hair. When applying the shampoo to the scalp use small circular movements.  Use your fingertips, not your nails, to wash your hair.  Concentrate on moving the scalp as you shampoo, this encourages hair growth.  A shampoo should minimally last two minutes; with longer hair it could take up to three minutes.  Be sure to rinse thoroughly.  This step is crucial to remove all residue from the scalp.  Massage the hair gently as you rise.  Don’t apply a commercial conditioner directly on the scalp.  Just apply it to your hair, where it is really needed.  Use lukewarm, not hot, water to wash and rinse with the coldest water you can stand.  Cold water closes the hair shaft, helping to prevent buildup.

We recommend a hairbrush with non-damaging bristles, preferably a plastic brush with ball tips at the end of each bristle. 

Hair Care Tricks For Shine

Make it a priority to get rid of buildup naturally. Wash the life back into your hair once a week with a clarifying concoction: one tablespoon of baking soda mixed with two tablespoons of shampoo.

Add 1/4 cup vodka to 1/4 cup shampoo.


Deep condition at least weekly.


Don't use too many styling products that can dull the hair by coating it.


Apply a moisture-replenishing conditioner overnight, and after washing, rub ice cubes over your hair from roots to ends. The ice closes hair cuticles and leaves hair shiny and smooth.